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About the Service

The EdGlad system is designed for conducting webinars and broadcasts to users on a special platform, with the ability to further save recordings of broadcasts.

Скриншоты продуктов Скриншоты продуктов Скриншоты продуктов



Create and edit users with different permissions to control access to content.


You can start and broadcast videos inside the platform, and also broadcast multiple concurrent broadcasts.


Upload pre-made videos to the platform without starting a broadcast. Set up time code for video navigation.


Make posts, announce upcoming events, broadcast news. Collect all information on one platform.

Navigation and search

Find any content thanks to smart search. It works for all types of content, as well as within categories, depending on filters.


Engage users during broadcasts, moderate comments and chat. Broadcast notification about upcoming events.


Add Pre/Mid/Post Roll ads to uploaded videos and completed webinars. Fields for uploading banner ads are also available.


View the portal's video statistics, the number of video views, webinars, publications, as well as statistics by user.


The system provides scalability, fault tolerance, and allows you to work under heavy loads.

Скриншоты продуктов Скриншоты продуктов


  • Up to 3 broadcasts
  • Up to 30 participants
  • Up to 60 minutes
  • 720p storage
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-15% discount
  • Any number of broadcasts
  • Any number of participants
  • No time limits
  • Storage in original resolution
  • Add users
  • Advertising in videos and on the portal
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  • Up to 10 broadcasts
  • Up to 10 groups of participants
  • Up to 60 minutes
  • 1080p storage
  • Access control
  • Feedback settings
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«I want to mention the ease of use and speed of launching broadcasts with EdGlad. The platform allows me to automate and coordinate those things that previously took up most of my working time».

Alexander Kraft
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«EdGlad meets my requirements! The platform is easy to integrate into the educational process of my online school, and it’s comfortable and simple to hold events».

Maria Davis
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«With EdGlad I can do several things at once: for example, conduct training and marketing seminars, or communicate remotely with customers and employees».

Victor Shuss